A N D R E     B   L   A   A   C   K


BLAACK, born Andre Williams, Jr., is the oldest of seven children.  He was born on August 1, 1984, in Frankfurt, Germany, and spent his early years in Tignall, Georgia.  In 1994, due to the death of his mother and some unforeseen circumstances, BLAACK and his brother Quinn moved to Alaska to live with their father.  

BLAACK attended middle school in Bethel, Alaska.  After two years, his family relocated to Anchorage, Alaska, where he finished middle school and high school.  After high school, and to remove himself from the influences of the street, BLAACK enlisted in the military.

BLAACK served the United States for nearly four years with the Army, with one of those years on deployment to Salerno, Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom).  BLAACK entered the Army as a Private First Class.  With active determination and perseverance, he rapidly rose to and achieved the rank of E-5.  BLAACK faced many challenges and obstacles during this time, continually trying to separate his street life and demeanor from the disciplined excellence the military required.  He finally discharged from the Army in 2006.  

Several years later, when BLAACK's music career started taking off, he wanted to adopt a stage name that had meaning to him.  He had lost his mother, grandmother and younger brother Antonio in Tignall, Georgia, while they were all living on "Blaack Bottom Street."  In their honor, he adopted his stage name of BLAACK.

BLAACK has lived in many parts of the U.S., so he does not represent just one specific area.  His music can be described as faith influenced with a twist of the south and some northern lyrics. He brings real life topics and experiences to his music. He is a motivational speaker and draws large crowds, from children to older adults, with his inspirational music.